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Bluebirds foster a positive growth mindset

Improve the Mindset   ...   Improve the Child


PMA is a Positive Mental Attitude

Bernard Goldberg conducts this inspiring five-minute video featuring Jennifer Bricker. Without loving care from adoptive parents Jennifer Bricker might not have become a success story. Bluebird Awards pay for extra-curricular activities like gymnastics sessions, music lessons, sports camps, team uniforms, equipment, educational supplies and more for children who meet ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA.

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Children deserve life-changing opportunities.

Receiving a Bluebird Award can be a defining moment in a child's life setting that child on a path to future successes. As a child, a winning experience becomes addictive enabling children like Jennifer Bricker to strive and succeed and to understand dreams really can come true.

Covid orphans face loneliness, depression and feelings of abandonment. By meeting their music lesson, summer camp, team sport, educational material, clothing and other needs, we keep children interested in activities and events. Keeping a child in happy situations averts or diminishes mental health issues.

Bluebird Awards are meant to create moments of happiness for donors, sponsors, guardians and children. Happiness helps develop a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA). PMA reduces or fends off mental health issues. Positive experiences at a time children are most vulnerable evokes a feeling of pride helping them to think strategically and competitively.


Creating winning habits is contagious usually leading to success in life. A Bluebird Award can change a child's mindset. A positive growth mindset improves the child. Success is about mindset.

Bluebirds Help Pay for Activities and Learning
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Bluebird Awards works to assure no child is denied the opportunity to experience extra-curricular activities.

Process & Payment

The Bluebird Awards Process


There are two forms in the online Bluebird Application process: A Contact Form to inquire, and Letter of Recommendation to apply.  Applications for Bluebird Awards can be made online 24/7. 

We plan to act immediately on verification of a request to avoid long and sometime fruitless wait periods.  Frr example, If a child's summer camp starts in ten days, our goal is to issue payment in the Covid Orphan's behalf ASAP by direct deposit or snail mail check to the vendor providing goods or services. 

Payment Options Made to Service Providers


Chase Bank Checks or debit cards are issued as payment for good and services provided to Covid orphans.  Checks are sent by our bank via snail mail ASAP as Blluebirds are approved.

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Gift Card

gift cards can be selected by service providers as payment for goods and services rendered to Covid-orphans. Cards can be sent by snail mail or email.


Direct Deposit

Providers of goods and services to Covid orphans can be paid by Bluebird Awards when a bank routing number and account number is provided.

Donation Plans

Donation Plans

Sponsoring a Bluebird Award helps heal a Covid orphan. 

Make a One-time DONATION

 Choose from Twelve Donation Plans