Children deserve life-changing opportunities.

Bernard Goldberg conducts this inspiring five minute video featuring Jennifer Bricker. Its message is one example of why we are dedicated to helping children.  Without loving care from adoptive parents Jennifer Bricker might not have become a success story. MWSF wants to pay for gymnastics sessions, music lessons, sports camps, team uniforms, equipment, new clothing, educational supplies and more for children under age 18 who meet eligibility requirements

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Bluebird Awards Process

Our plan makes a Bluebird Award listing in the name of the giving person or organization. Next to that donor's name will be the recipient's name and use of funding. This is to establish a connection between the donor and recipient so the donor can share the happiness by knowing what his or her gift paid for. The recipient will then know who to thank. Organizations wishing to participate may pledge to raise funds for Bluebird Awards for their recipient(s) or to list it up for grabs on this page.

There are two forms in the online Bluebird Application process:  Contact Form to inquire and  Letter of Recommendation to Apply.  One hundred percent (100%) of ALL funds designated for Bluebird Awards will be directed to that purpose.  

According to a recent presentation, "more than 50% of children and adolescence teens reported moderate to severe impact on mental health" suggesting our plan has a 50% chance of making an impact. The other 50% can be viewed as preventative medicine.  By spreading available wealth in Bluebird Awards under $1,000, more orphan children can be served.  Winning an Award successfully can be a defining moment in a child's life setting that child on a path to future successes.  As a child experiences winning it becomes addictive enabling a child like Jennifer Bricker to strive and succeed and to understand dreams really can come true.

As this MWSF website evolves, our plan is to further automate Award distribution so applications can be submitted directly from this page.  Maintaining the various databases is an ongoing project.  While that may sound difficult, the process is somewhat trivial.  Gathering data, entering the information and accessing it as needed by phone, tablet, desktop PCs and other devices will be available but privacy protected on request. Updated permanent records will enable us to follow a child's progress. 


Additionally, we plan to act immediately on verification of  any request. This eliminates long and sometime fruitless wait periods. Example: If a child's summer camp starts in ten days, our goal is to close the deal in the child's behalf ASAP.

Orphan children face loneliness, depression and feelings of abandonment. By meeting their music lesson, summer camp, team sport, educational material, clothing and other needs, we keep children interested in activities and events. Keeping a child in happy situations averts or diminishes mental health issues.

A Bluebird Award and Thank You Promise Card™ is sent to the sponsor & delivered to the child's guardian. Each child writes down a promise to achieve a goal essentially acknowledging the gift and making a commitment. Being grateful makes a child resilient, builds character and improves attitude. Setting goals leads to successes and failures. Experience gained by making a single promise can change a child's life forever. The Thank You Promise Card™ uniquely ties the donor, sponsor, guardian and child together. 

Bluebird Awards are meant to create moments of happiness for donors, sponsors, guardians and children. Happiness helps develop a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA). PMA reduces or fends off mental health issues. Positive experiences at a time children are most vulnerable evokes a feeling of pride helping them to think strategically and competitively. Creating winning habits is contagious usually leading to success in life.

Applications for Bluebird Awards can be made 24/7.  Currently ad hoc Bluebird Awards are only available in the United States on a first come, first served basis as they become funded. 

When MWSF approves a Bluebird Award, we notify the Sponsor who then arranges a meeting with the Guardian (Parent) of the child, presents the Award, has the child sign a Thank You Promise Card giving it to the Guardian and child for future reminders.

Sponsoring an Award moves a child one step closer to happiness and you know how your generosity is being used. As our Covid-19 orphan children database is implemented it will be accessible and searchable by donors.

You can sponsor a Bluebird Award HERE (Inquiry & Options).

MWSF Sponsors receive a check payable to the goods or services provider, a Bluebird Award Certificate in the child's name, a Thank You Promise Card to be signed and kept by the child and two Harry's Starter Kits .. one for the Sponsor, the other for the Parent or Guardian.


About Bluebird Awards and Thank You Promise Cards™


 Each Sponsor and Guardian receives a gift from Harry's 

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  One hundred percent (100%) will be budgeted for staffing.  As sponsor numbers increase it will enable MWSF to better implement its Mission and extend its reach.

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