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Much of the data gathered here about Covid-19 victims listed on this page came from the KHN & The Guardian "Lost on the Frontline" project database. Building our orphan children database requires following up with families to identify children qualified to apply for Bluebird Awards. We are collecting data from other reliable resources as well.  Check here for verified USA data.

Michelle Beauchene.jpg


Donald Beauchene Jr
Sept. 6, 1966 — Nov. 17, 2020 (age 54)


AGE 54

LOCATION Warren, Ohio

WORKPLACE City of Warren fire department

OCCUPATION Medical first responder


He truly had a heart of gold’

When planes crashed into the twin towers on 9/11, Don Beauchene went to New York to help clean up the rubble. When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005, he got on a plane to help with the rescue.

And, after he and his wife had raised seven children, they decided to adopt four children in need and raise them instead of retiring.

"Don and Michelle shared six children until recently when they adopted four siblings, creating a family of 12. Survivng him are Brittany Hartzell (David) Danforth of Warren, Hillary (Brae) Hartzell of Leavittsburg, Daniel (Toni) Beauchene of Warren, Dustin Beauchene of Vienna, Madison Beauchene of Vienna, Raegan Evans of Niles, and London Beauchene, Brooklyn Beauchene, Lilliana Beauchene and Lucianna Beauchene still at home; grandchildren Alexis, Luca, Jaxon, Zayden and Brodee; a brother, Dr. Robert (Tiffany) Bogli of Cincinnati; a sister, Terry (Jathan) McKay of Louisiana; a brother, Tom Bogli of Tennessee; and a brother-in-law Tim O’Keefe of Leadville, Colo." .. Mahoning Matters

Marcia Barga


AGE 67

LOCATION West Liberty, Ohio

WORKPLACE Community Health and Wellness Partners



A nurse who was ‘larger than life’

Marcia Barga wore pink streaks in her hair at age 50 and painted every room in her house a different color.

“Larger than life, that was my mom,” her youngest son, Eric Barga, said. “She was one of those moms that always made hundreds of pounds of food for Thanksgiving, regardless of how many people were coming.”

Bernard Atta


AGE 61

LOCATION Orient, Ohio

WORKPLACE Correctional Reception Center



Ghana-born nurse made ‘a deep impact across the planet’

Last December, when Kojoh Atta visited his father’s home town in Offinso, Ghana, he arrived bearing gifts. His father, Bernard Atta, worked overtime at an Ohio prison so he could afford to send drums of clothing across the Atlantic.

Inside were sneakers, sandals and Ralph Lauren polos for cousins. “Always with stripes,” Kojoh said, “so the boys knew they were special.” His father’s generosity and his relatives’ regard for him made Kojoh realize “there are countless unsung heroes making a deep impact across the planet”.

As Covid-19 ravaged Ohio, Kojoh urged his father to leave work, worried about inadequate protective gear. Bernard refused, saying it was his duty to stay. (A prison spokesperson said that personal protective gear “… was, and continues to be available to staff.”)

After Bernard tested positive for Covid-19, he remained home, fearing the hospital bills. On 17 May, Kojoh awoke to a flurry of WhatsApp messages. His father died, leaving behind his wife, three other children and grandchildren.

– Eli Cahan

Claudia Boughman 


AGE 62

LOCATION Dover, Ohio

WORKPLACE New Dawn Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center

OCCUPATION Community or social worker


Social worker was a pillar of her community

At the house where Claudia Boughman lived until she became ill, carefully scalloped rocks line the garden beds. Indoors at least a dozen jars are filled with rocks. Boughman picked them up on hikes, along roadsides and even joyously liberated them from loved ones’ backyards. Where some might see granite or sandstone, Boughman saw something beautiful. “Each rock was a memory of a place, an event, an experience,” her daughter, Jessica Celesnik, said.

Boughman came to social work  in her 30s, having previously worked as a hairdresser at a nursing home and then as a nurse’s aide. She worked as an advocate for survivors of sexual assault and then returned to nursing facilities.

“It relieved her stress knowing she could help people,” Celesnik said.

As lockdown orders began, Boughman kept working but otherwise isolated. She didn’t knowingly work with Covid-19 patients, but when she died, 34 patients and 14 staff members at the facility had tested positive for the coronavirus.

New Dawn did not respond to a request for comment.

— Maureen O’Hagan

Tina Reeves


AGE 58

LOCATION Orient, Ohio

WORKPLACE Pickaway Correctional Institution



‘She always listened and never judged’

When Tina Reeves visited her grandchildren, music would blast from the car. Wale’s On Chill rang out: “Trying to hear all your problems, so I can lighten the load.”

“She loved her music,” said daughter Tiana Mohabir, “even though she had no rhythm for squat.”

Reeves had an ear for other people’s lives, though. Younger co-workers called her “Mother Advice”, Mohabir said. In interactions with prisoners and officers alike “she always listened”, Mohabir said, “and never judged”.

She called her three daughters daily, “checking in on all of us”, Mohabir added.

When Reeves started coughing in early April, Pickaway had already reported more than 1,500 cases of Covid-19.

“PPE [personal protective equipment] was, and continues to be, available to staff,” a prison spokesperson said. The family said their mother did not have access to adequate PPE.

Reeves was hospitalized with Covid-19 on 13 April. She called her daughter to ask her to take care of paying her utility, insurance and cable bills. “I didn’t think twice,” Mohabir said, “because I didn’t want them shut off when she got home.”

Within 24 hours, Reeves was intubated.

– Eli Cahan

Tawauna Averette


AGE 42

LOCATION Kettering, Ohio

WORKPLACE Kettering Health Network



Mother of seven ‘never got to hold’ her newborn

As a cardiac care nurse in Ohio, Tawauna Averette had seen the devastation of Covid-19 on families. She said too many people were downplaying it, recalled her husband, Charles. A mother of six and pregnant again, she “wanted people to take it more seriously”.

Averette was a registered nurse for years at Kettering Health Network and called it her dream job. Around the end of October, Charles said three or four of the other nurses on her unit were infected with the killer virus.

Jeannie Danker


AGE 60

LOCATION Columbus, Ohio

WORKPLACE Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

OCCUPATION Administrator/Administrative support,

Director of Radiology


In family of Buckeyes, two deaths in two months

Jeannie Danker lost her husband in January to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, better known as Lou Gehrig's disease. Two months later, Danker, a longtime employee of Ohio State, died of suspected complications from Covid-19.

Danker met her husband, John, in the radiology department at the university’s medical center. The couple were married for more than 30 years and had two daughters, who also attended Ohio State.

Danker spent her career at Ohio State’s on-campus medical center, which confirmed her death, and rose to be a top administrator in the radiology department. “She never missed an opportunity to help people learn, grow, and become better people and professionals,” according to a memorial. “Her team and those who have worked with her describe her as caring, fair, and dedicated.”

Wexner’s chief executive officer, Dr Harold Paz, wrote in a separate post that Danker "infused her administrative role with determination, selflessness and a patient-first attitude".

Marti Leitch, the center’s media relations director, did not respond to questions from KHN and the Guardian and wrote in an email that the hospital was honoring the family’s request for privacy.

– Sharon Jayson


Jacqueline Scott

Maple Heights, Ohio

April 22, 1961 - May 31, 2020

Jackie Scott, who worked at the Suburban Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center, passed away after contracting COVID19.

MWSF Jackie Scott.jpg

Jackie Scott, 59

North Randall, Ohio

31 May 2020

Jackie Scott was a care worker who died after contracting Covid-19, the SEIU said.


In June, the union held a series of protests over Covid risks. In July, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services found a suburban Cleveland facility had “failed to ensure staff and residents used personal protective equipment (PPE) to properly prevent potential spread of COVID-19”.


Asaf Dar

Mujjahid Abbas

RACE/ETHNICITY Asian/Pacific Islander


LOCATION Cleveland, Ohio

WORKPLACE Private practice



Cardiologist was unable to say goodbye to his family

Dr Asaf Dar felt it was his calling to continue working throughout the pandemic, according to Dr Mujjahid Abbas, his son-in-law. Dar rarely took vacation, and travelled among several hospitals to check on patients until the day he got sick. A lover of languages, he spoke Farsi and understood Arabic, Turkish and Hindi, in addition to his native Urdu and Punjabi. Abbas said he often employed his language skills to communicate with an array of patients.

Dar and his wife emigrated from their native Pakistan to the US in the 1970s and had four children, including Abbas’s wife, Syma. “He was like a father to me,” said Abbas, who lived nearby as Dar and often visited with his two young children.

Dar developed a fever in December and visited a local hospital where he had admitting privileges; he initially tested negative for Covid-19. A subsequent test came back positive, and Dar, struggling to breathe, was intubated in the middle of the night. He was unable to say goodbye to his family.

– Zoe Chevalier

More OHIO names to be investigated

Matt Moeddel, 43, Nurse, Director of Nursing, Bridgeway Pointe, University of Cincinnati Health, Cincinnati, Ohio

Ellyn Schreiner, 68, Registered Nurse, Crossroads Hospice, Dayton, Ohio

More USA names to be investigated

Matt Moeddel, 43, Nurse, Director of Nursing, Bridgeway Pointe, University of Cincinnati Health, Cincinnati, Ohio

Ellyn Schreiner, 68, Registered Nurse, Crossroads Hospice, Dayton, Ohio

Ashraf Abdo, 60, General Practitioner, New York City

Milagros Abellera, 65, Nurse, Baptist Medical Center, Kindred Hospital, San Antonio, Texas

Divinia "Debbie" Accad, 72, Registered Nurse, John Dingell VA Medical Center, Detroit, Michigan .. Divinia Accad, who went by Debbie, was the mother of three sons and a daughter, and grandmother of five. She lived in Taylor with her husband, William Accad.

Martin Addison, 44, Speech and Swallow Clinician, Saint Joseph's Wayne Medical Center, Wayne, New Jersey .. Martin Addison of Waldwick had a love of sports and an ear for music, and he doted on his two small children.

Marnette Aggabao, 62, Nurse, Guam Memorial Hospital, Tamuning, Guam .. There were marriages and children.

Romeo "Romy" Agtarap, 63, Emergency Department Nurse, NYSNA Member, New York Presbyterian Hospital, New York City

Nancy Ajemian, 60, Family Medicine, Beaumont Hospital, Grosse Pointe, Michigan

Quen Agbor Ako, 53, Nursing Home

Nurse, Randallstown, Maryland.  the victim was 53 years old, a wife and a mother of four.


Elena Beth Alejandre, 68, Nurse, Hanover, New Jersey

Niaz Ali, 71, Pediatrics, Riverview Medical Center, Red Bank, New Jersey

Lori Alioa, 56, Healthcare Social Worker, Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Beloved wife of Joseph Alioa; loving mother of Nicholas Alioa, step mother of Sarah Alioa of Troy, MI;

Wanda Amsbaugh, 72, Radiology, Santee Urgent Care Center, Santee, South Carolina .. her children, Rebecca Hutto, Michael Adams, Barry Amsbaugh, Jr. and Mark Amsbaugh; her grandchildren, Savannah, Gabriel, Michael, Connor, Caleb, Molly and Tyler.

Larrice Anderson, 46, Nurse, New Orleans East Hospital, New Orleans, Louisiana .. Mother of Cerrice and Cedric Anderson, Jr. and goddaughter Jade Charleece Lewis.

Jenniffer Anderson-Davis, 44, Licensed Practical Nurse,  Meramec Bluffs Life Plan Community, Baldwin, Missouri .. As a single mother, Jenniffer Anderson-Davis was determined to give her three children everything they needed, so she pursued her nursing degree while delivering pizza to make ends meet. 

James “Mike” Anderson, Maintenance mechanic. Place of Work: St. Mary Medical Center in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. Anderson was a loving husband and father to his son, 5, and daughter, 9, with “immeasurable” pride in family.

Karen Hill Bagley, 67, Nurse,  UVA-Lynchburg Dialysis, Lynchburg, Virginia

Earl Bailey, 45, Registered Nurse, Broward County, Florida

Nicanor Baltazar, 60, Registered Nurse, Flushing, New York

Celia Yap Banago, 65, Registered Nurse, Research Medical Center, Kansas City, Missouri

Marsha Bantle, 65, Nurse, Signature Health, Newburgh, Indiana

Glenn Barquet, 50, Physician, Invasive Cardiologist, Mercy Hospital and South Miami Hospital, Miami, Florida

Jenni Claire Bartolome, 45, Registered Nurse, Emerson Health and Rehabilitation Center, Emerson, New Jersey

Alex Bass, 53, Physician Assistant, Brooklyn, New York

Doug Bass, 64, Medical Director, Drug and Alcohol Treatment, New York City

Don Batayola, 41, Physical Therapist, New Jersey

Edward Becote, 51, Porter/Transporter, The Brooklyn Hospital Center, Brooklyn, New York

Hooshang Behroozi, 92, Pediatrics, Gouverneur Hospital, New York City

Andres Benitez, age unknown, Food and Nutrition Services, Holy Name Medical Center, Teaneck, New Jersey

Roxanne Bent, 48, Med-Surg Nurse, NYP Brooklyn Methodist Hospital, Brooklyn, New York

Theresa E. Berbano, 59, ED Nurse, Montefiore Health, Bronx, New York

Angeline Bernadel, 52, Nurse, West River Healthcare Center, Milford, Connecticut

Idris Bey, 60, Emergency Medical Technician Instructor Coordinator, FDNY, New York City

Terry Billingham, age unknown, Emergency Medical Technician (retired), MONOC EMS, Clinton, New Jersey

Barbara Birchenough, 65, Nurse,  Clara Maass Medical Center,  Belleville, New Jersey

Billy Birmingham, 69, Emergency Medical Technician, Kansas City, Missouri

William B. "Brad" Blackman, 56, Paramedic, American Medical Response, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Gresmor Blackman-Douglas, 58, Surgical Intensive Care Unit Nurse, NYSNA Member, Maimonides Medical Center, Brooklyn, New York

Dorothy Boles, 65, Registered Nurse, Greenwood, Mississippi

Danny Bolima, 54, Nurse,  University Hospital, Newark, New Jersey

Linda Bonaventura, 45, Nurse,  Wildwood Healthcare, Indianapolis, Indiana

Joseph A. Bonjiorno, 78, Psychiatrist, St. Joseph Hospital (affiliated), Chicago, Illinois

James Boudwin, 67, Family Practice Physician, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, New Brunswick, New Jersey

Mark Leighton Bowen, 54, Registered Nurse, Highland Care Nursing Home, Queens, New York

Sean D. Boynes, 49, Pharmacist, Greenbelt, Maryland

Kenneth Bradshaw, 64, Director of Facilities (retired), University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Memphis, Tennessee

Derik Braswell, 57, Hospital Staff, Elmhurst Medical Center, Queens, New York City

Lorna Breen, 49, Emergency Department Medical Director, NewYork-Presbyterian Allen Hospital, New York City (suicide)

Kristen Brooks, 61, Nurse, California

Joyce Brown, Registered Nurse and Nurse Manager, LIJ Forest Hills, Forest Hills, New York

Brittany Bruner-Ringo, 32, Nurse, Silverado Beverly Place, Beverly Hills, California

Santo Buccheri, 60, Internal Medicine, Prime Healthcare, Hartford, Connecticut

Patrick Buchannan, 33, Certified Nursing Assistant, Indianapolis, Indiana 

Araceli Buendia Ilagan, 63, ICU Nurse, Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami, Florida

Michael T. Burgio, 69, Emergency Medicine, Newton Medical Center, Newton, New Jersey

Irene "Rene" Burgonio, 54, Hemodialysis Nurse, NYSNA Member, Fresenius Kidney Care, Brooklyn, New York

Virdree Burns Jr, 59, Nurse, Former NY Department of Sanitation Worker, Wellcare, Queens, New York

Irving Buterman, 78, OB-GYN, Lenox Hill Hospital, New York City

Listing of COVID-19 EMS deaths (

"First responders on the front lines, EMS providers in particular, are increasingly vulnerable to contracting the COVID-19, and the death toll includes a significant number of EMS  personnel.

Here, we have compiled the names of those lost to COVID-19. The entire EMS1 family extends our deepest condolences to the families, friends and colleagues of our fallen members.

Justin Berleth, 29, firefighter-EMT, Nature Coast EMS (Florida), City of Inverness (Fla.) Fire Department and MedFleet Ambulance Service. End of Service: 08/09/21 

Roger Dean, 31, firefighter-paramedic, Seguin (Texas) Fire Department. End of Service: 04/23/2021

Daryl Tombs, 52, paramedic, American Medical Response, Corning, New York. End of Service: 01/16/2021 

Leonard Coney, 41, firefighter-EMT, Shreveport (Louisiana) Fire Department. End of service: 01/06/2021 

Cole Brooks, paramedic, Nowata (Oklahoma) Fire & EMS. End of service: 01/04/2021 

Jason Taylor, 51, paramedic, Edwardsville (Kansas) Fire Department. End of service: 01/01/2021  

Stephen Sunday, 28, firefighter-EMT, Scranton (Pennsylvania) Fire Department. End of service: 12/29/2020  

Debbie Rusher, 56, paramedic, Tulsa EMS Authority (EMSA), Oklahoma. End of service: 12/28/2020  

Evelyn Ford, 58, EMT, FDNY. End of service: 12/22/2020

Don Kutz, deputy chief, EMT, Montville (Connecticut) Fire Co. End of service: 12/22/2020  

Robert Truevillian, 55, paramedic in charge, Chicago Fire Department. End of service: 12/17/2020  

Bob "Husker Bob" Kneifl, 64, firefighter-EMT, Ponca (Nebraska) Volunteer Fire and Rescue squad. End of service: 12/07/2020 

Gordon Baker, 62, paramedic, Harris County (Texas) Emergency Services District No. 48. End of service: 12/07/2020 

Doug Dzubinski, 53, EMT, Community LifeTeam (UMPC Pinnacle), York County, Pennsylvania. End of service: 12/04/2020  

Christine Kutz, emergency medical services lieutenant, Montville Fire Department. End of service: 12/1/2020  

Kelly Lynn Raether, 42, EMS captain and nurse, Ixonia Fire & EMS, Ixonia, Wisconsin. End of service: 11/26/2020  

Jerry S. Mercadante, 67, EMT and field training officer, LifeStar Response of Maryland (Falck), Annapolis Junction, Maryland. End of service: 11/25/2020 

Scott Davidson, 45, paramedic and communications specialist, Kansas City (Missouri) Fire Department. End of service: 11/22/2020 

Scott Gordon, 56, paramedic, Columbus Regional Health, Columbus, Indiana. End of service: 11/15/2020  

Gregory “Greg” Gelsinger, 63, critical care medic, Tower Health, Honey Brook, Pennsylvania. End of service:11/14/2020 

Shon Matthews, 48, paramedic, LifeNet, Texarkana, Texas. End of service: 11/02/2020  

Harold Boone, 49, firefighter-EMR, Monroe County (Georgia) Emergency Services. End of service: 11/02/2020  

Gerald "Jerry" Jones, 51, paramedic, Volusia County (Florida) EMS. End of service: 9/20/2020 

Keith Brown, 48, EMT, MedTrust, Charleston, South Carolina. End of service: 9/03/2021  

Rick Todd, fire chief, Salem (West Virginia) Fire and EMS Department. End of service: 09/01/2020 

Jeffrey "Jeff" Schaffer, 67, paramedic, Taneytown (Md.) Volunteer Fire Company. End of service: 08/10/2020

Gerardo "Jerry" Pacheco, firefighter-paramedic, Houston, Texas. End of Service: 08/03/2020  

Aldo Iniguez, EMT, Falck’s Care Ambulance Service, Los Angeles. End of service: 07/30/2020 

Alex Cardenas, 59, paramedic, Superior and Apollo Ambulance Services, San Antonio. End of service: 7/26/2020 

Jose M. Perez, 44, firefighter-paramedic, Los Angeles Fire Department. End of service: 07/25/2020 

William "Brad" Blackman, 56, paramedic, American Medical Response, Philadelphia. End of service: 06/28/2020 

Glovis Foster, paramedic, San Juan (New Mexico) AirCare. End of service: 06/12/2020 

John Paul "JP" Granger, 22, EMT, Vital Care EMS, Piedmont, South Carolina. End of service: 5/26/2020 

Jeremy Emerich, 40, Lehigh Valley (Pennsylvania) Health Network MedEvac EMT and Fleetwood firefighter. End of service: 05/21/2020 

David Pinto, 70, EMT, New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority, former fire chief, Wallington, New Jersey. End of service: 05/17/2020 

Jose Gomez, EMT, Alamo Navajo Reservation, New Mexico. End of service: 05/10/2020 

Brian Keith Saddler, 60, certified flight paramedic, registered nurse, St. Joseph's Hospital, Wayne, New Jersey. End of service: 05/08/2020 

Sal Mancuso, 66, volunteer, Blooming Grove (New York) Volunteer Ambulance Corps. End of service: 04/30/2020  

Paul Cary, 66, firefighter-paramedic, Aurora (Colorado) Fire Department, deployed with Ambulnz’s State of New York COVID Response team. End of service: 4/30/2020 

Richard Seaberry, 63, EMT, FDNY. End of service: 04/27/2020 

David Martin, paramedic, American Medical Response, Natchez, Mississippi. End of service: 04/22/2020 

Idris Bey, 60, EMT, FDNY. End of service: 04/22/2020 

John Redd, 63, EMT, FDNY. End of service: 04/21/2020 

John Careccia, 74, chief, Woodbridge (New Jersey) Township Ambulance and Rescue Squad. End of service: 04/17/2020 

Robert Zerman, 49, assistant fire chief, EMT, Pioneer Hose Company #1, Robesonia, Pennsylvania. End of service: 04/16/2020 

Robert Weber, 44, firefighter-EMT, Middletown First Aid and Rescue Squad; the Port Monmouth Fire Company; and the Middletown Fire Department’s Air Unit, Monmouth County, New Jersey. End of service: 04/15/2020 

John Ferrarella, clinical educator and EMT instructor, NJ Mobile HealthCare, Bergen County, New Jersey. End of service: 04/14/2020 

Scott Geiger, EMT, Atlantic Ambulance, Livingston, New Jersey. End of service: 04/13/2020 

Billy Birmingham, 69, EMT, Kansas City (Missouri) Fire Department. End of service: 04/13/2020 

Anthony Thomas, paramedic, NYU Langone Hospital, former FDNY EMS member. End of service: 04/12/2020 

Gregory Hodge, 59, EMT, FDNY. End of service: 04/12/2020  

Kevin Bundy, 33, paramedic, Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital, Crozer EMS, Springfield, PA. End of service: 04/12/2020 

William "Bill" J. Nauta, Jr., Atlantic Health EMS educator, former Chatham (New Jersey) police captain. End of service: 04/10/2020 

Solomon Donald, 41, EMT, Trinitas Regional Medical Center, Elizabeth, New Jersey. End of service: 04/10/2020 

Robert Tarrant, RN, EMS educator, RWJBarnabas Health, West Orange, New Jersey. End of service: 04/09/2020 

Paul Novicki, 51, paramedic, Rapid Response EMS, Romulus, Michigan. End of service: 04/09/2020  

Frank Molinari70, MD, New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority (NJSEA) EMS, Lyndhurst, New Jersey. End of service: 04/09/2020

Mike Field, 59, firefighter-EMT, Valley Stream, New York. End of Service: 04/08/2020  

Kevin Leiva, 24, EMT, North Bergen (New Jersey) and supervisors Saint Clare's Hospital. End of service: 04/07/2020 

Liana Sá, EMT, Watchung Rescue Squad, Newark, New Jersey. End of service: 04/05/2020 

Reuven Maroth, EMT, past captain, Hackensack (New Jersey) Volunteer Ambulance Corps. End of service: 04/01/2020 

Israel Tolentino, 33, firefighter-EMT, Passaic (New Jersey) Fire. End of service: 03/31/2020 

James Villecco, 55, auto mechanic, FDNY. End of service: 03/29/2020"

Over 500 Cops Have Died of COVID-19: Police Union

By Eva Herscovitz | August 12, 2021
COVID-19 Line-of-Duty Deaths
Total Deaths (As of September 20, 2021) .. 679






American Samoa
























































New Hampshire


New Jersey


New Mexico


New York


North Carolina


North Dakota










Puerto Rico


Rhode Island


South Carolina


South Dakota














Washington DC


West Virginia






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