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The Application Process: Unlocking  a Life-Changing Opportunity

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Invest in the Power of Compassion

All Covid orphans are invited to become Bluebird Awards Registered Volunteers for the Medical Workers Scholarship Fund.  A Registered Volunteer has no duties and is unpaid. However, all will be able to avail themselves of future benefits. This may include, special events, career planning, financial planning, group counseling, support groups and more. Once registered, a volunteer is eligible to participate in Bluebird Awards Thank You Points Reward Program. This program enables every Covid orphan to earn cash, goods or services as a thank you for helping Bluebird Awards extend its reach. It is also an incentive that helps their over-all well-being.

Services are expected to evolve over time as the Medical Workers Scholarship Fund matures into an established public charity. In a sense, Bluebird Awards wants every applicant to be a winner, be it cash, tuition, books, career and personal financial guidance or outside activities.  Non-Award winners will remain 'in the loop' in the event Bluebird Awards receives unexpected gifts. It follows members will have an 'inside track" for scheduled post high school scholarships. 

Not everyone has a trade or professional career in mind at the outset. An entrepreneurial few may choose to start and operate their own business. For that we are uniquely qualified. We have many years' experiences working from home in home-based businesses. A few benefits we envision are listed below as examples as we evaluate possibilities. The purpose of considering an on-going benefits program is our way of trying to add value beyond a Bluebird Award. Some benefits may have minimal fees to assure valuable volunteer time is not "wasted.'  If someone pays for a service or benefit, the assumption is they see value. 

We believe members will appreciate the opportunity to contribute to their own success. We will engage professional consultants and volunteers. If our donated funds are to be well invested, we will do our part to help all applicants as they strive for success.


Looking Ahead
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Services Schedule as Available

All Covid-19 Children Qualify

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