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The FIRST STEP for all applicants for a Bluebird Award or for future Scholarship consideration is to meet the ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA.

The SECOND STEP for all applicants is to have a sponsor or guardian enter an online LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION. 


All eligible applicants will be invited to become a member of the Medical Workers Scholarship Fund.  A member has no duties and is unpaid. However, all will be able to avail themselves of future benefits which may be offered from time to time when and if deemed feasible. This may include, special events, career planning, financial planning, group counseling, support groups and more. Minimum fees may be charged as a way of assuring those who sign-up actually attend.
Services 'beyond Bluebird Awards' benefit is expected to evolve over time as the Medical Workers Scholarship Fund (MWSF) matures into an established public charity. 
In a sense, MWSF wants every applicant to be a winner, be it cash, tuition, books or career and personal financial guidance or outside activities.  Non-Award winners will remain 'in the loop' in the event MWSF receives unexpected gifts. It follows members will have an 'inside track" for the next round of scheduled awards and ad hoc support. 

Not everyone has a trade or professional career in mind at the outset. An entrepreneurial few may choose to start and operate their own business. For that we are uniquely qualified. We have many years' experiences working from home in home-based businesses. A few benefits we envision are listed below as examples as we evaluate possibilities. The purpose of considering an on-going benefits program is our way of trying to add value beyond a Bluebird Award. Some benefits may have minimal fees to assure valuable volunteer time is not "wasted.'  If someone pays for a service or benefit, the assumption is they see value. 

We believe members will appreciate the opportunity to contribute to their own success. We will engage professional consultants and volunteers.
 If our donated funds are to be well invested, we will do our part to help all applicants as they strive for success.


 Fitting in with new groups builds confidence 

Overcoming fear is a must.
Showing appreciation.
Students interacting at study time.
Dealership garages need mechanics
Future chefs learning to cook.
Learning how to please.
Enjoying classroom chit chat.
Concentrated study.
Girl talk?
Learning a trade.
Happy people have job satisfaction
Athletic participation is fun.
Women's sports on the rise.
Tickled silly?
One happy grad.
Graduation Day smile.
The future is as bright as her smile.
Beautiful smile.
Sayonara -- for now.
The smile tell all.