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BAZAAR is a secondhand stores operating with community partners.


BAZAAR is a brick and mortar resale store operated for the benefit of Bluebird Awards on as 50-50 partnerships with local community organizations or investors.

BAZAAR sells donated goods and services.

The Bluebird Awards logo, gives each store international brand identity, BAZAAR.

"Even with shopping malls and brick & mortar retails stores rapidlly going out of business, America's retail scene is seeing fast growth of secondhand store, ... part of a 19.8 billion dollar used goods indusry." ... Investigatewest.



Each BAZAAR store partnership is a win-win proposition. Revenue at each store is derived:

  1. Retail sale of in-kind donations of goods & services eliminates inventory management costs and incoming shipping costs.

  2. Each store receives Bluebird Awards training inclusive of online training and use of social media.

  3. Each non-profit store will be authorized to enroll Bluebird Award Sponsors, sharing revenue per Donation Plans described on this website. This operating model is a win-win-win for Sponsors, Bluebird Awards and community partners.

  4. WIN #1 With many retail stores vacant, owners are looking for tenants.

  5. WIN #2 With charities facing fundraising challenges in a difficult economy, new revenue sources are welcomed.

  6. WIN #3 Bluebird Awards attacks a major problem in an exponentially growing worldwide pademic tragedy enabling us to expand rapidly, possibly consolidating existing stores into a branded network.

  7. Donors visiting BAZAAR can become customers as well.


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