Bluebird Awards aims to improve the physical, mental and social well-being for Covid orphans

Caregivers lost to Covid-19 has dramatically increased mental health issues for children, youth and young adults leaving them with crushed spirits.

Bluebird Awards opens doors for children to understand their power to achieve.


One bluebird award can be the key to unlocking a child's potential to strive and succeed during good times and bad.

Bluebird Awards enables children and teen-age youth to experience extra-curricular activities and learning opportunities.

Emotional wellness in childhood helps a child socialize and cope with the obstacles and challenges of life. Mental health includes the ability to learn and grow from experiences.

Mentally and emotionally healthy children are focused, flexible, and creative enabling them to develop Positive Mental Attitudes (PMA).

May 25, 2022 ... Bloodbaths like this latest one in Texas is more a mental health problem than a weapons issue. School killings have been happening since the Pilgrims came to North America. I hate to predict this, but look for more of the same, unless we take child and youth mental health issues more seriously, the only way to alleviate possible future school murders is to concentrate on mental health issues affecting all our youth.


First responders & Frontline Healthcare Workers lead the fight.


Donald Beauchene Jr. was a Medical  First Responder  in Warren, Ohio working for the City of Warren fire  department.

Yolanda Coar was a 40 year old Front line Nurse  manager 
when she when she died of Covid-19 in August, 2020 in Augusta, Georgia.


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