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Our Challenge

Our Mind-Blowing Dilemma

Bluebird Awards is on a long -term mission to affect the mental health of hundreds of thousands of children and young people.  Limited resources hamper our ability to implement a complete scholarship program designed to reach tens of thousands of at-risk children.

Various studies show that at least 14 to 16 out of every 100 students aged 5 to 20 experience mental health issues. Impacting this age group is something we are doing now. Currently, we have qualified speakers who provide valuable insights on Positive Mental Attitude (PMA).


PMA can serve as a preventative measure for mental health issues as well as attitude adjusment.. Fostering a positive attitude is about cultivating a mindset that emphasizes the good in life and expects positive outcomes. It’s not about ignoring challenges but rather approaching them with optimism and confidence. 

At Bluebird Awards, we believe that every child is capable of achieving greatness, with the right guidance and tools. We are committed to helping every young person in our community reach their dreams and become the best version of themselves.

Bluebird Awards is dedicated to helping children and youth unlock their potential in sports and other learning activites. We believe that all children should have the opportunity to strive and succeed in their chosen activity and we are passionate about helping kids get there. 

Once adequately funded, we will offer grants and scholarships (affectionately called bluebirds) to vulnerable children and youth, helping to give them the resources and support that they need to reach their goals. Whether it's an individual or team goal, we are here to help them achieve it.

Bluebird Awards is an IRS approved, 501c3  non-profit, tax-deductible, public charity dedicated to promoting positive mental health and emotional wellness among children and teenagers through sports, recreational and learning activities.


Our mission is to provide the necessary support and resources to help childen and teens to build a positive mindset and feel empowered to reach their full potential.

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Posititive Mental Attitude (PMA)

Navigating Mental Health for Children and Teens

Good mental health involves a concept that is simple yet profound in its impact: Positive Mental Attitude (PMA). PMA isn’t just a feel-good term; it’s a powerful tool that can transform our lives.

Imagine waking up each day with the belief that something good will happen. That’s the essence of PMA. It’s the unwavering optimism that guides us through the toughest of times and shines as a beacon of hope when the path ahead seems dim.

Why is PMA important? It’s because our attitude shapes our experiences. A positive attitude creates a resonance of positivity around us, influencing not only our own minds but also those we interact with. It’s contagious, and it’s uplifting.

In the realm of mental health, especially among children and youth, PMA plays a crucial role. It empowers them to face challenges with courage and resilience. It teaches them that while they may not control every situation, they can always control their response to it.

So, how do we cultivate PMA? It starts with mindfulness—being aware of our thoughts and choosing positivity. It’s about gratitude, focusing on what we have rather than what we lack. And it’s about resilience, the ability to bounce back from setbacks with a stronger, more determined spirit.

A Positive Mental Attitude (PMA)
Helps Children Live Their Best Life Possible.


A Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) is a concept that emphasizes the power of optimism and a positive outlook in facing life’s challenges. It’s particularly impactful in the context of children’s mental health. Here’s how PMA can make a difference:

  • Promotes Resilience: Children with a PMA are more likely to demonstrate resilience in the face of adversity. They tend to bounce back from setbacks and maintain a hopeful perspective* 1.

  • Enhances Well-being: A positive outlook contributes to overall well-being, including life satisfaction and a sense of purpose, which are essential for healthy development **2.

  • Improves Coping Skills: PMA is associated with positive psychological coping and adaptation, helping children navigate the ups and downs of life ***3.

  • Reduces Negative Emotions: Fostering a PMA can help decrease disruptive behaviors and affective symptoms such as depression and anxiety ****4.

Incorporating PMA into children’s lives involves teaching them to focus on their strengths, encouraging them to set and achieve goals, and helping them develop healthy social skills. It’s also about creating supportive environments at home and in schools where children feel valued and heard. By nurturing a PMA, we can empower children to enjoy their lives and handle challenges with confidence and optimism.

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*1  **2  ***3

*** 4

Covid--19 Impact
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Individuals have  the opportunity to volunteer and earn Rewards points which can be used to purchase items from our Bazaar company store, giving them something back for their hard work.

Our mission is to create an inclusive environment where everyone is celebrated for their contributions to society. For our Sponsors, we provide special recognition for their community support in helping those who are making a difference.

We are proud to offer a searchable database  so donors can track their specific donation. We invite you to explore our site to learn more about us, our mission and how to get involved in giving back.

Why We Do This

Helping kids find their purpose


Donald Beauchene Jr. was a Medical  First Responder  in Warren, Ohio working for the City of Warren fire  department.

The story of 12 children left behind.

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Yolanda Coar was a 40 year old Front line Nurse  manager 
when she when she died of Covid-19 in August, 2020 in Augusta, Georgia.

The story of 2 children left behind.

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