Medical Workers Scholarship Fund

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Determine Eligibility

The Medical Workers Scholarship Fund provides need-based scholarships to  children of deceased front-line medical staff to attend college or career training.

Our objective is simple: Honoring Those Who Died Fighting Covid-19 by Educating Their Children. 

Initially, this scholarship program will be administered by the MWSF Board of Directors.


 Before applying, verify eligibility.

Then gather up your paperwork. 


Once eligibility criteria is established, initiate contact to get answers to your questions by sending us a message.

When the air is cleared an online interview can be set up. This interview will determine whether or not an online application should be submitted.


Start an Application

This scholarship is need-based. If your 2020 income is over $36,000, you’ll need to provide documentation and a thorough explanation demonstrating your family’s financial need and extreme extenuating financial circumstances.


Examples of financial need include multiple sibling applicants in college, significant medical expenses that are abnormal to a normal tax year and death of an income-providing parent in 2020.


Examples of extenuating circumstances that cannot be considered include: “I am paying for college on my own” or “I am attending an expensive college.”


Finish an Application

After review by staff and directors, applicants  will be invited to Register for a MWSF VIP Scholars account. Its purpose is to document a history and timeline of the applicants relationship with MWSF.


Retention of electronic records not only saves time and expense but opens on-going communication via our Members Chat facility  below.



The award process is pending legal and accounting approvals.


Once a proper operating entity is defined, we will proceed with writing grant applications, seeking private donations, uncovering  award candidates from established contacts in the medical community and setting up a bank trust account to accept and account for donations. Payment for normal operating costs is expected to require Board approval.

When scholarship funding is in place we will complete the award process.


The final scholarship award  decision in the selection process is made by the MWSF Board of Directors. 


The Board will administer the scholarship program during its formative stages.


At an appropriate time, administration may be turned over to an outside administrator or retained depending upon developing Internal capabilities.

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When any applicant registers, the applicant is entered into our database as a VIP Award (k-12) or VIP Scholar (post secondary). A VIP Scholar is automatically eligible to participate in MWSF activities whether or not an award is forthcoming.  
Awarding a FREE no obligation lifetime membership enables MWSF to track member progress and mentor them in matters of career, business and personal financial planning.  Receiving unexpected funds gives us the flexibility to make awards to qualified non-winners after an award cycle or on an ad hoc basis.
Within this website facility, members will have access to a private Facebook-style communication system serving as a socializing platform, a support system as well as a place to network for employment or entrepreneurial  opportunities and more. 

We believe "following the money" applies here to assure money is well spent not only in the present but for future results as well, The VIP Scholar concept enables us to put all our eggs in one basket so we can watch the basket as we wait for our eggs to 'hatch'.

In effect, the MWSF commitment does not end with an award. We aim to create a feeling of family as well as, hopefully, future benefactors.