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A 14kt Yellow Gold, Tanzanite and Diamond Ring, 
Set with fifteen round brilliant cut tanzanites weighing approx. 0.05pts each. Also set with eight round brilliant cut diamond melee weighing approx. 0.02pts each.   
This is a beautiful ring I bought well below the auction estimate. It is marked EL14k. 
I believe EL is the maker's mark, it's solid 14k gold. I got it at an estate auction well below the estimate.
Could be a great addition to your jewelry box.
Beautifully crafted, in excellent condition and ready to impress.  
Ring size: 6.
UPDATE: 12/15/2020 
14K gold is definitely real gold. This type of gold is by far the most popular option for engagement rings and other fine jewelry, making up about 90% of gold jewelry sales in the United States.
As to "SOLID GOLD"  -- Here is the skinny.  
24K (100% pure gold) Being the highest karat of gold, it's easy to assume that 24K is the “best” gold to buy, but that isn't necessarily the case. ...
22K (92% gold and 8% alloyed metals) ...
18K (75% gold and 25% alloyed metals) ...
14K (58% gold and 42% alloyed metals)
24K gold is pure gold. Since it’s very soft and malleable, this type of gold isn’t used for engagement rings.
I bought this ring at an estate auction many, many months ago AFTER it went unsold and the auction had closed.  The auction house is highly regarded and I buy from them often when I can get a good deal.

Fifteen (15) Brilliant Cut Tanzanites & Eight (8) Brilliant Cut Diamonds Set i

SKU: 650379443
$395.00 Regular Price
$276.50Sale Price
  • Fifteen 15 Brilliant Cut Tanzanites & Eight 8 Brilliant | Etsy
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