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Bluebird Awards is more than an Equal Opportunity.

Bluebird Awards seeks to operate internationally by offering do-where-you-are projects utilizing a Online Home-based Operating Environment.

Our Registered Volunteer workforce is all-inclusive combining the efforts of 100% empathy-oriented volunteers, specialized professionals, part-timers, fully-employed persons and those who are physically challenged seeking to 'make a difference by volunteering.

Our Registered Volunteers can be physically challenged, un-employable, rich or poor. No face-to-face interviews, work hours are set by how much one wants to work. The exception being tasks requiring a monitored competion date. No need to 'fit in' to a new group. No demanding, abrasive bosses. Self-motivation is key. No limit to earning & learning.

Bluebird Awards is unique. Rather than expecting someone to fit a Job Decription, we offer Registered Volunteers the opportunity to choose tasks fitting their interests & passions.

This TASK BOARD lists tasks Bluebird Awards needs to accomplish to advance its Mission to make a difference for eligible Covid orphans and substance abusers. Tasks designated OPEN are defined in scope depending on Bluebird Awards needs from time-to-time..

Currently available Project Tasks are open to every person without prejudice. The quality of one's Task performance is entirely incentive-based. Thank You Points entitle Registered Volunteers to participate in our Total Rewards Program which provides payment in cash or goods from BAZAAR, our 'company store.'

Many have said, "The world won't be right until everyone is on straight commission." We agree! We are doing it.

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