Bazaar is the Bluebird Awards Store for Volunteer Rewards Program

Fundraising for non-profit organizations takes time and money. Many have brick and mortar storefronts to generate revenue from non-cash donations of in-kind gifts & services.

Marketing online is not as quaint or colorful, but we do offer quality donated items for Registered Volunteers.

Like the shops of Marrakesh, we offer a variety of goods. All of it donated in support of our mission.

Check out the shops in our bazaar and go shopping. There are bargains to be had sorted into categories for your convenience.


Our slogan "Let Them Smile" applies here too.

Check All Shops Inventory in one place categorized to conveniently redeem Thank You Points*.

*All items may not be in stock or currently available. Inquire.

Marrakesh Market


Marrakesh or Marrakech is the fourth largest city in the Kingdom of Morocco.


Everything can be available. Outside offers considered.