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Our Sponsors honor the special courage and sacrifice of healthcare workers who lost their lives to Covid-19 leaving children, stepchilden and grandchildren behind.

INDY CAR AND DRIVER 06-29-DoubleDuty-Stewart.jpg

Why the race car?

Why, you ask? The race car is an example of how to get recognition for Sponsors. Many for-profit organizations sponsor race cars and drivers, including NASCAR, Formula One and Indy cars as well as  other sports. Their logos are displayed on cars and uniforms to get brand recognition. Non-profits have advertising restrictions but we can recognize the generosity of sponsors.


Bluebird Awards is a non-profit organization that recognizes sponsors who support life-changing experiences for children and teenagers the community. Our mission is to provide experiences to as many young people as possible, and we on the support of our sponsors to achieve this goal. We are grateful for the contributions of our sponsors and recognize that their support is essential to our success.

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