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Unleash the

Power of Compassion

Home Base

Sponsorship is a
WIN-WIN-WIN Proposition


Donor sponsors improve

brand perception.

Positive public relations attracts new customers.

Demonstrates support for Covid orphan child and youth mental health Issues.

Employee satisfaction improves productivity.


Increases exposure and awareness of Bluebird Awards Mission.

Enables Bluebird Awards

to gain new supporters.

Community support legitimizes

the Bluebird Awards Mission

Sponsor support enables funding for Covid orphans speeding up mission implementation.


Sponsor support enables Bluebird Awards to add necessary staff and operating overhead. 

Staff responsibilities inclue managing Registered Volunteers (RVs) as they conduct events and other fundraising activities, all of which is used to provide Bluebird Experiences that make a difference in the lives of Covid orphans who need it most.

What is a race car doing here?
INDY CAR AND DRIVER 06-29-DoubleDuty-Stewart.jpg

Why, you ask? The race car is an example of how to get recognition for Sponsors. Many for-profit organizations sponsor race cars and drivers, including NASCAR, Formula One and Indy cars as well as  other sports. Their logos are displayed on cars and uniforms to get brand recognition. Non-profits have advertising restrictions but we can recognize those contribute.


As a non-profit, Bluebird Awards helps sponsors get community recognition when they support life-changing experiences for children and teenagers. Sponsors are a vital component of our mission and our success is directly proportional to the amount of support our sponsors provide.


Giving Back with Bluebird Awards: Inspiring Change Through Recognition.

Discover the Added Benefits of Sponsoring Bluebird Awards as a Charter Sponsor*

Our story  in a nutshell: Covid-19 is relatively new. Bluebird Awards is also a new 501c3 public charity in need of sponsors to help fund our mission. 

Bluebird Awards is offering just 100 Charter Sponsor opportunnities to bootstrap our efforts as we build a worldwide movement. Essentially, each Charter Sponsor is a Co-founder.

Here is how we recognize an organization's support for our mission:
1) Place your logo on our Charter Sponsor's  wall (bottom of each page
) so visitors can view a moving scroll of  Charter Sponsors acknowledging their support for our mission, with a link to the Charter Sponsor's website.
2) If not to a Charter Sponsor's website, a link can direct visitors to a social media platform. 
3) As our public charity grows, a Charter Sponsor receives valuable recognition on a larger scale.

Concurrently, Bluebird Award's staffing needs will increase thus increasing a need for adding staff. To accommodate growth and adding staff, Bluebird Awards will enroll Charter Sponsor's according to the following scale:

Charter Donations

Donation Requests subject to alteration. 

1) Sponsors funds are used for supporting staff and fundraising costs. All other funds (100%) are used to fund awards to those approved under our Eligibility Criteria.

2) Charter Sponsors are listed in the order of their committment of support for the Bluebirds for Kids cause HERE.


Giving a voice to tomorrow's leaders: Help us make a difference with Bluebird for Kids.

Bluebirds for Kids provides children with the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of sports and learning activities. These activities not only promote physical fitness and team-building skills, but also give children a sense of purpose and belonging. With the help of our dedicated volunteers, we strive to help children reach their full potential and develop life skills.

Fundraising is necessary for charities serving unmet community needs. Simply put, charities need great volunteers and staff to carry out the charity's mission. Like Covid-19, the mental health need is growing exponentially so consider becoming a Registered Volunteer.


*About Charter Sponsors

A Charter Sponsor is any individual, business or organization whose annual donation bootstraps Bluebird Awards and facilitates our growth.

Bluebird Awards recognizes our first Charter Sponsors by linking their logo to the Charter Sponsor's website.


Charter Sponsor's logos are placed at the footer of every site page to maximize community exposure for local and worldwide recognition. There is a Charter Sponsor page HERE

for further acknowledge a sponsor's contribution.

Bluebird Awards reserves the right to accept or reject any sponsor donation per our Gift Acceptance Policy.

Why become a Charter Sponsor?


Bluebird Awards recognizes the future value of a Charter Sponsorship. Initially the first ten Charter Sponsor's will make an annual donation of $1,000. As new sponsors fill the 100 limited edition sponsorships, the suggested donation will increase as  shown HERE.

Still under legal review is Bluebird Awards intention to add value to becoming a Charter Sponsor. We propose to add Transfer Rights meaning 100 Charter Sponsors may, at some future point, discontinue annual donations for any of many possible reasons. Bluebird Awards needs to determine how to legally do such transfers and on what basis?  Can a transfer be to a larger organization for a negotiated price?

Questions? Inquire for more information at Contact us.

Charter Sponsors
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