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Sponsorship is a Win-Win Proposition


Increases exposure and awareness of Bluebird Awards Mission.

Enables Bluebird Awards

to gain new supporters.

Community support legitimizes

the Bluebird Awards Mission

Sponsor support enables funding for Covid orphans speeding up mission implementation.

Business Deal


Donor sponsors improve

brand perception.

Positive public relations attracts new customers.

Employee satisfaction improves productivity.

Demonstrates support for Covid orphan child and youth mental health Issues.

Strut your stuff as a Charter Sponsor*

Here's How We are Welcoming Your Support

Our story: Covid-19 is relatively new. Bluebird Awards is also a new 501c3 public charity in need of sponsors to help fund our work.  We are limited to finding just 100 Charter Sponsor to bootstrap our efforts as we build a worldwide movement. 

Here is a way for us to recognize an organization's support for our mission by simply sending us a message authoring us to:   1) Place your logo on our Charter Sponsors Hall of Fame wall (below) so visitors can view a moving scroll of  Charter Sponsors acknowledging their support for our mission the help Covid orphans, 2) if our link is not to your website, it can direct visitors to a FB page or other social media platform.  3) the logo will not be deleted until it is replaced by another paid Charter Sponsor's logo's on the Hall of Fame donor's wall. Along the way, you the logo owner, have the option to become a fully pledged Charter Sponsor to recognize your $1,000 donation. In the meantime, as our public charity grows, your logo will reach all parts of the world in with Internet access.

Like the idea? Then send your message of support from our Contact Us  form including basic information so we can access your logo from your website or elsewhere. When your logo becomes active, we will send email notification. If you have decided to become a Charter Sponsor, the Charter Sponsor plan is just under the Contact us form.


Charter Sponsors are Our Angels

Meet Them

Fundraising is necessary for charities serving unmet community needs. Simply put, charities need great volunteers and staff to carry out the charity's mission. Like Covid-19, the mental health need is growing exponentially so consider becoming a Registered Volunteer.

*About Charter Sponsors

A Charter Sponsor is any individual, business or organization whose $1,000 annual donation bootstraps Bluebird Awards. 

Bluebird Awards recognizes Charter Sponsors by placing their logo one of the spaces below. Clicking on the logo links to the Charter Sponsor's website.


Charter Sponsor's logos are placed on every site page to maximize community exposure for local and worldwide recognition.

The purpose of sponsorship is to increase visibility and public awareness of the Charter Sponsors support for Bluebird Awards.

Bluebird Awards reserves the right to accept or reject any sponsor donation per our Gift Acceptance Policy.

How to become a Charter Sponsor?


Make your donation here. Bluebird Awards reserve the right to adjust Charter Sponsor suggested donation of $1,000 as new sponsors fill the 100 limited edition sponsorships.

Questions? Inquire for more information at Contact us.

Charter Sponsors