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More About The Team

Rod Miller

Founder, CEO & Board Member

Executive Sales Computing Industry, 

Youngstown University (1954-1963) B.S. in B.A. 

Night school Full 9 1/2 year night school "scholarship" via City Loan and Household Finance loans

Picking coal fallen off railroad cards & shovel snow age 8-10

Country Club Caddy, Greenskeeper, age 10 - 18 

GMAC accounting Clerk.

Direct sales, top producer

United States Marine Corps Active and Reserve 1954-1963

Northwestern Mutual Life insurance sales

Chamber of Commerce workshop leader (1954-1963)

Secretary, Fire Dept. assistant

Public office candidate

IBM 1964 first real job post college. Systems Engineering Trainee.

Software Industry Pioneer and serial Entrepreneur

CEO, Computer Data Sciences, sold to UCC, (NYSE)

American Legion & Elks 

Author of Spirit of Freedom: Capitalism vs. Socialism, Baskets of Mulligans, & Short Stories on Kindle Vella. All on

Founder, Spirt of Freedom Foundation, CEO 2001-2021

100% Feedback Ratings, eBay 18 years & Etsy 8 years settling estate before Plan B goes into effect.


Thomas McKrill

Board Member


Assistant Principal and Dean of Students, St. Vincent-St. Mary High School, Akron Ohio 

Notre Dame College B.A., International Business Administration/International Business.

Ursuline College, M.A. , Educational Administration, & pursuing his Superintendents License.

His career includes teaching Theology, serving as a Campus Minister, Assistant Director of Admissions at  Lake Catholic High School and  Enrollment Management at Notre Dame College. 

While completing his internship in Bangalore, India, Mr. McKrill realized his passion was to work in non-profit and mission-based environments. 

Tom is skilled in Nonprofit Organizations, Budgeting, Event Planning, Customer Service, and Coaching.

Tom is a strong educational professional handling issues impacting families including those created by social media. His daily interaction with students brings a special perspective to the board.


Claire A. Scott Miller

Board Member

President, C Scott Miller & Associates

Adjunct Faculty and Master-Mentor Coach at Weatherhead School of Management, Executive Education

BA from Denison Univ.,

M.Ed. from Bowling Green State University,

Studied at Case Western Reserve University

Continuing education at Harvard and Radcliff 

Advanced training from the National Assoc. of Business Coaches (NABC).

Ms. Miller is a Board Certified Executive Coach 

Yoga Teacher at Soul Stretch Mobile Yoga

Claire has extensive experience conducting workshops, coaching and consulting assisting organizations in maximizing the effectiveness of their key employees and enhancing their career-life satisfaction.

Clients include professional services firms, Fortune 500 companies, and government agencies across the United States, Canada, Europe and the Middle East.


Erika M. Yates, CPA

Business Development Officer

      Independent Consultant

Elon University - Martha and Spencer Love School of Business

University of Notre Dame - Mendoza College of Business Master of Science Accounting 

Ernst & Young Your Master Plan Program

Jefferson Pilot Business Fellows, honors business program and Isabella Cannon Leadership Fellows, 4 year leadership development program
Studied abroad in London followed by seven years of increasingly responsible positions with Ernst & Young in the UK.

Business Development Manager - Financial Advisory Accounting Services

EMEIA Assurance Market Operations Leader / Business Development Manager

Business Development Leader - Financial Services Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services (FIDS)

Board Member, Vice-Chair of Finance, non-profit volunteer

PWC Global Strategic Account Management, Senior Manager - Sales  and Marketing

Mrs. Yates business experience includes seven years dealing with top level executives inclusive of UK's Members of Parliament. Frequently appearing on BBC and Skye News for interviews, she 

holds American and British citizenship,

Mrs. Yates is an innovative strategic thinker, high impact leader in business development and market strategy as well as a financial services consultant.

An Independent Consultant, Mrs. Yates provides expertise to help organizations solve problems to reach their goals more efficiently and effectively. 

Our board of directors are community leaders, dedicated to creating immediate and lasting growth for children who lost a first responder or healthcare worker to Covid-19.  Our work with partners is aimed at helping those children find comfort, success and happiness.  


Driven by gratitude for our own good fortune, our primary objective is to help children maintain strong mental health.


We have great admiration and respect for two charities, The Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation is the inspirational model we plan to emulate ... worldwide. And the First Responders Children's Foundation serving America's safety forces.

AUGUST 31, 2021

A Microsoft survey of more than 30,000 global workers showed that 41% of workers were considering quitting or changing professions this year.  Full survey is here.

The way Americans are working is changing. Many professionals and high-level employees find working at home saves time, is less stressful and family friendly.  It is from this talent pool we expect to find exceptional people for the following present and future full-time, work from anywhere positions.

Alternatively, top performing volunteers can demonstrate excellence and earn the opportunity to be considered for the following staff positions either now or in the future.  Equal Employment Opportunity asserts all people should have the right to work and advance on the bases of merit and ability, regardless of their race, sex, color, religion, disability, national origin, or age.  Bluebird Awards agrees.


Performance is our equal opportunity criteria. Volunteers are accepted into the Volunteer Registry without question or face to face interviews. Once registered, all we know is your name, email address, location and a brief message.  Success is at the discretion of each volunteer.


Secretary-Treasurer, (Position filled by Charles A. Miller)

The position of secretary and treasurer are both important. The funding for a nonprofit organization comes from donations, grants and fundraisers. In order to maintain the status of a nonprofit business, the organization must make sure someone's in place who keeps track of all of the money that comes in, where it comes from and where it goes

Executive Director, Board Member
Our Executive Director will be the face of the organization communicating with donors, staff members, volunteers, the board of directors, or anyone else who is interested in what the nonprofit does.

Fundraising Director/Development Director

Our Fundraising Director is one of the most important positions in our organization because it’s responsible for securing money to fund projects and programs. Working with donors to identify their philanthropic goals and find out how the nonprofit can help them achieve those requires a lot of networking, which is why we a person with exceptional people skills to serve as an effective Fundraising Director/Development Director.

Director of Community Engagement (Outreach)

Our Director of Community Engagement will be responsible for connecting the organization to the public and vice-versa. They will be creating and implementing community engagement plans that take a strategy from theory to execution.

Finance & Accounting Manager 

Our Finance & Accounting Manager will be responsible for the financial wellbeing of our nonprofit organization who will work with other board members, directors, and staff to create budgets and identify gaps in funding sources as well as areas where more funds are needed.

Director of Programs & Services

Our Director of Programs & Services will be responsible for the management, development, and evaluation of programs in order to support our mission.

Director of Communications

Our Director of Communications identifies program needs, writes grant proposals, manages budgets and works with other departments (such as marketing) or board members on developing new programs and initiatives that will expand our reach inclusive of developing new partnerships with other organizations or conducting research to support the Bluebird Awards program.

Special Events Manager

Our Special Events Manager will be responsible for developing and executing the event-planning strategy. These events may have different goals and audiences, from raising awareness of our mission to fundraising, recruitment and also be responsible for managing the budget allocated for these events.

Volunteer Coordinator 

Our Volunteer Coordinator will be responsible for recruiting and managing volunteers. This may involve creating volunteer positions, assessing individuals’ skills to match them with the appropriate opportunity or program; developing a training plan to ensure that people are qualified before they work on behalf of our organization.

Program Manager

Our Program Manager will be responsible for managing our organization’s program-specific objectives. These may include fundraising, education and outreach, advocacy, or any other specific programs that are set up to meet our mission.

This is different than our Director of Programs & Services who designs and evaluates program outcomes. The program manager is responsible for the execution of the designed program.

Chief Information Officer (Position filled by Arun Singh)

Our Chief Information Officer is responsible for overseeing our technology needs. Arun Singh is in charge of acquiring and implementing new technologies as well as maintaining existing systems; ensuring that all aspects related to information are secure, appropriately backed up and accessible.

Corporate Giving & Grants Coordinator

Our Corporate Giving& Grants Coordinator will be responsible for writing grant proposals and donor letters, as well as ensuring that all documentation related to grants meets our organization’s needs. 

Maintaining a grant funding and reporting calendar is an example of crucial details needed in this role.

Human Resources Director

Our Human Resources Director will oversee our human capital needs. This person may be in charge of recruiting, hiring, and training executive staff and employees as well as administering benefits packages; ensuring that HR practices comply with federal and state regulations.

Board Member

Our Board Members are responsible for guiding our organization’s strategy, its supporting policies and overseeing management to make sure it aligns with our nonprofit mission. New Bluebird Awards board members will come from a variety of experiences and interests. They could start as volunteers.

Preferences & Considerations

Non-profit experience preferred

Work online from home

Flexible hours

High growth potential

A passionate love of children

Solid fit with our core values.

USA focused program for now, international experience is a plus long range.

Many enjoy life more when they work from home. Think about YOUR future!

In time, the positions listed above will be filled with people who started as volunteers.

Join the Team

Join the Team ... Register to Volunteer.  Volunteers become Registered Volunteers by invitation. Simple process. Complete and submit the message form below.

Once we receive a request to become a Registered Volunteer, on approval, your name will be added to the Volunteer Registry. The Bluebird Awards Volunteer Registrar will reply welcoming you to the group! You can then connect with other volunteers, post comments, get updates and share videos. This will enable volunteers to share experiences and contacts leading to acquiring Sponsors and donations.

Best of all and because all team members are volunteers, all are eligible to earn Thank You points in the Bluebird Awards Thank You Rewards Program. Read about it
here.  Thank You Points can be redeemed for cash or prizes at BAZAAR, the 'company store.'


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