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Registered Volunteers

earn redeemable

Thank You Points.

Join our Team as a

Registered Volunteer.

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Registered Volunteers

can earn promotions & 

Thank You Points.

Join our Team as a

Registered Volunteer.


Thank You Rewards for Registered Volunteers

The purpose of Bluebird Awards Thank You Rewards is simple. We need high energy volunteers with a passion for helping children they may never get to meet. Participation requires registration. Ten bucks ($10) in Thank You Points is yours when you join us as a Registered Volunteer. To assure points are credited to your Rewards Account, send us a message. 

Registered Volunteers earn redeemable Thank You Points in Bluebird Awards Thank You Rewards. This program is a fundraising plan to support our stated Mission. Thank You points are earned from special acknowledgement gifts for enrolling sponsors in any of twelve (12) Donation Plans.

Registered Volunteers are valued on performance while Staff members are valued on performance and accountability. All persons contributing their skills to Bluebird Awards are eligible to accumulate Thank You points. 

Thank You points can be used to purchase items from any shop at our company store, BAZAAR. Or they can be redeemed for a pre-paid American Express Gift Card or Debit Card.

                                                                                                 Each point is earned according to the Points Value Table below.


Thank You Rewards Program


About Thank You Points

Points are earned for performance and by special recognition awards.

Points are accumulated in a member account. Each point has an imputed value of one U.S. Dollar ($1).

Members are volunteers registered with Bluebird Awards.

Become a Registered Volunteer Member here.

Using Thank You Points

As points accumulate, their total value increases.

Members are given the choice. Points can be redeemed at Bazaar, our company store.

or taken as an American Express E-Gift card in amounts from $25 to $3,000.

Become a Registered Volunteer Member here​.

Points Value Table

25 Points ... Sponsor an eligible child 

100 Points ... Find a Charter Sponsor

100 Points ... Initiate a Memorial Award

1,000 Points ... Bluebird Endowment

1,000 Points ... Corporate Sponsor

2,500 Points ... Premium Sponsor

5,000 Points ... World Class Sponsor.

Program  details are at

Donation Plans.

Point Value Rewards for renewals ... 50% for ten years based on continuing service to Sponsors*  

* Subject to further  delineation, legal review  and board approval. 

Tax Implications

Gift cards redeemable for cash are taxable to the volunteer.

Bazaar purchases may also be taxable income.

Gifts worth more than $75 are taxable.

Add another Form 1099 to your collection.