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Anyone can become a Registered Volunteer (RV)

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Thank You Rewards

Thank You Rewards

The purpose of the Bluebird Awards Rewards Program is simple. We need high energy, ENTREPRENEURIAL GO-GETTERS with a passion for helping grieving families and children.

Participation requires registration. One thousand dollars ($1,000) in Thank You Points is yours when you join us as a Registered Volunteer. To assure points are properly credited to your new Rewards Account, send us a confirming message.

Registered Volunteers earn redeemable Thank You Points at BAZAAR, our company store. This program is a plan to reward those whose contributions to our Mission are exceptional. Thank You points are earned from special acknowledgement gifts for enrolling sponsors as described at twelve (12) Donation Plans. OR, as rewards from special services performed which contribute to our MIssion.

Registered Volunteers are valued on performance while Staff members are valued on performance and accountability.


Thank You points can be used to purchase items from any shop at our company store, BAZAAR. Or they can be redeemed for a pre-paid American Express Gift Card or Debit Card.

Registered Volunteers are eligible to participate in the Rewards Program subject to the following;

1)  Unredeemed Thank You Points have no expiration date.

2) Until further notice, Thank You Points cannot be redeemed until they total 5,000. This temporary policy is to assure continued participation as a productive volunteer.

Each point is earned has a cash value of one U.S. ($1.00) Dollar and are redeemable according to the Thank You Points Value Table shown below.

Registered Volunteer Rewards Points

À propos des points de remerciement

Des points sont gagnés pour la performance et par des prix de reconnaissance spéciaux.

Les points sont accumulés dans un compte membre.  Chaque point a une valeur imputée d'un dollar américain (1 $).

Les membres sont des bénévoles inscrits aux Bluebird Awards.

Devenez membre bénévole inscrit ici .

Utilisation des points de remerciement

Au fur et à mesure que les points s'accumulent, leur valeur totale augmente.

Les membres ont le choix. Les points peuvent être échangés au Bazaar, notre magasin d'entreprise.

ou sous forme de carte-cadeau électronique American Express d'un montant de 25 $ à 3 000 $.

Devenir membre bénévole inscrit ici.

Tableau de valeur des points

25 Points ... Parrainez un enfant éligible 

100 points ... trouvez un sponsor de la charte

100 points ... initier un prix commémoratif

1 000 Points ... Dotation Bluebird

1 000 points ... Commanditaire corporatif

2 500 Points ... Parrain Premium

5 000 points ... Sponsor de classe mondiale.

Programme  les détails sont à

Plans de don.

Récompenses de valeur en points pour les renouvellements... 50 % pendant dix ans sur la base d'un service continu aux sponsors*  

* Sous réserve d'autres  délimitation, examen juridique  et l'approbation du conseil. 

It costs nothing to sign on as an RV and wait to be called upon.

About RV Points
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Acts of kindness heal grieving children

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