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Partners may place a Bluebirds for Kids logo on their website showing their support for the Bluebirds for Kids project as a complement to their own public service mission. Our Partners may refer or sponsor a Bluebird Experience for an eligiblle child or teen.

Additionally,  Partners "share the fundraising load" meaning a Partner can arrange for their contacts to become Bluebird Awards sponsors. By sharing fundraising revenues 50-50 with Bluebird Awards, a charity can turn their contacts into revenue for their own projects.  Sponsor levels are described in Donation Plans. Specifically, Plans 6-10.

Two heads are better than one. Partnering with us is synergistic.  As we add partners, their logos will be placed on this page. There will be a link to the partner's website. Click on our Bluebird for Kids logo to see an example of how this works.

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