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Sortable & Searchable Database of Bluebird Awards*


How We Invest Your Money

Having donated to charitable causes in the past, I have always wondered how the money was spent. In 2019 on another project, we donated over 800 pieces of brand-new designer clothing with tags to a charity for military veterans, their families and  Gold Star Mothers.  Items included everything from socks and Isotoner gloves to brand name winter coats and suede jackets. The downside? We never got to see the smiling as Christmas gifts were selected. 


To address those concerns, we designed this sortable database page for tracking Bluebird Awards, so donors and sponsors can see how their money was distributed and for what purpose.

Bluebird Awards donors deserve to know what becomes of their donations. To that end, a $500 donor for example, can review the above record.  As the record is reported and compiled (real time soon, manual for now), a donor can sort according to the column headers to further examine our use of funds. So, at least the donor, in many cases, has a list from which to choose to see how their donation was spent. If the Sponsor is a teacher, they already know how and why the money was needed and spent and how it impacted the recipient.


As Bluebird Awards becomes a go to resource in schools as a tool for dealing with potential or real mental health issues for Covid orphans, our awards will become euphemistically referred to as "bluebirds."  Because Covid-19 continues to be an ongoing menace to society with much relevant data yet to be uncovered especially with regard to long covid, this suggests a data gathering opportunity for evaluating impacts to our collective mental health knowledgebase. 


Because of security and privacy concerns, Bluebird Awards does not disclose information about children and young people. We look to publicly reporting progress here with a goal of enough transparency to assure donors their donations are well-spent. 


Our expectation is all donations will be given exclusively as Bluebird Awards. Our goal is to fund operations from businesses and individual sponsors as well as from grants specifically targeted for staffing needs.

* Names of children and youth are not listed out of privacy concerns.

Are you ready to become involved? Here are the ways:
Get Involved

Individuals have  the opportunity to be a Registered Volunteer (RV) and earn redeemable Rewards points  for cash or at our Company Store giving them something back for their hard work.

Our mission is to create an inclusive environment where everyone is celebrated for their contributions to society. For our Sponsors, we provide special recognition for their community support in helping those who are making a difference.

We are proud to offer a Searchable Database.

Most donors can track their specific donation. We invite you to explore our site to learn more about us, our mission and how to get involved in giving back.

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