Logo Development
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                               Rod Miller
This entire concept and website that followed it was conceived by me while recovering from AAA surgery August 18, 2021. As a high risk senior It was an early elective surgery at a height of the worldwide pandemic of 2020.

Now as an inactive Marine, I had six weeks to think. My surgeon liked the idea of honoring brave medical workers who were facing an unknown enemy. With the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation as my inspiration, I realized the medical community was courageously serving all of us.  Real courage is moving forward when the outcome is uncertain. Healthcare workers did that.

As a committee of one, I set forth to emulate the Marines with a fund honoring the medical community.  This website in its entirety was built by me and reflects my vision for helping children victimized by Covid-19.

This page is a running account of my attempt at graphic arts including logo development, website design (give Wix.com an assist), video editing and related matters such as accounting, legal, staffing for the future, event creation, selection of cognizant board members and much, much more not the least of which is 24/7 activity typing  at my keyboard. Gathering money from personal resources was and is challenging.

Most challenging is presenting the website on desktop computers, iPads and cell phones .. the devices I have on hand.

Not complaining mind you, just stating facts. When on a mission of passion work becomes fun. Results = happiness.

The Bluebird of Happiness? So fitting.


Time changes everything

Owl Resting in Dreamcatcher


At first, I liked the owl in a dreamcatcher. Very symbolic.

Native Americans cherish the notion of dreamcatchers protecting children as they sleep. Intelligence, learned, good luck and good dreams for children.

Soon after a bluebird flew into my life.  The background sun represents a new day filled with joy and happiness. I tinkered around until I came up with this cute little image. I liked the idea of the sun coming up for a brighter new day.

Too cute for a serious matter?  I got to thinking why not a bluebird instead of an owl? 

A bit of Internet research got me hooked on bluebirds.

Birds in flight reminded